Universal CPA Review vs Other CPA Review Courses

Find out what makes Universal CPA unique compared to other CPA review courses! 

Universal CPA Review vs Other CPA Review Courses

There are many variables to consider when selecting the right CPA review course for you. Do you value fancy words like “adaptive learning technology” or do you value CPA study materials that truly help simplify the most challenging concepts that you are expected to know for the exam?

Compare the unique CPA exam study features that you will find when studying with Universal CPA Review compared to other CPA review courses with our comparison chart below:

Course Features Universal CPA Review Other CPA Review Courses
🤩🤩 Animated video lectures
🤩🤩 Animated ebook
Static text-heavy content
Thousands of multiple-choice questions


🤩🤩  Animated video explanations for 100% of multiple-choice questions

Hundreds of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Animated video explanations for 100% of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Mental maps that provide a step-by-step approach
Mapped to AICPA blueprints
Lifetime access & unlimited updates
Mobile friendly
Ask Joey 24/7 support
Money back guarantee
Full CPA review course under $700

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While other CPA review courses take an archaic approach by simply walking you through the AICPA blueprints, as if you’ve been an auditor for 20+ years, Universal CPA Review is here to change that narrative. Our unique visual learning approach helps thousands of CPA exam candidates pass this exam every single year. 

With Universal you won’t just memorize a bunch of words, you’ll actually learn. If you don’t believe me, see what our students have to say!