Universal CPA Review vs Other CPA Review Courses

Find out what makes Universal CPA unique compared to other CPA review courses! 

Universal CPA Review vs Other CPA Review Courses

There are many variables to consider when selecting the right CPA review course for you. Do you value fancy words like “adaptive learning technology” or do you value CPA study materials that truly help simplify the most challenging concepts that you are expected to know for the exam?

Compare the unique CPA exam study features that you will find when studying with Universal CPA Review compared to other CPA review courses with our comparison chart below:

Course Features Universal CPA Review Other CPA Review Courses
🤩🤩 Animated video lectures
🤩🤩 Animated ebook
Static text-heavy content
Thousands of multiple-choice questions


🤩🤩  Animated video explanations for 100% of multiple-choice questions

Hundreds of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Animated video explanations for 100% of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Mental maps that provide a step-by-step approach
Mapped to AICPA blueprints
Lifetime access & unlimited updates
Mobile friendly
Ask Joey 24/7 support
Full CPA review course under $700

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While other CPA review courses take an archaic approach by simply walking you through the AICPA blueprints, as if you’ve been an auditor for 20+ years, Universal CPA Review is here to change that narrative. Our unique visual learning approach helps thousands of CPA exam candidates pass this exam every single year. 

With Universal you won’t just memorize a bunch of words, you’ll actually learn. If you don’t believe me, see what our students have to say!

We even had a student email us a handwritten letter....

Course Access

Let’s face it, everybody is on a different timeline, but guess what? Passing the CPA exam is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why Universal CPA provides its students with lifetime access, meaning once you have joined our program, your access will never expire. If you have already invested thousands of dollars into another CPA review course, and it’s just not working for you, we also have a subscription option as well as various financing plans if you want to space out your payments.


Course Materials

Most CPA review courses deliver their materials with a “traditional” and text-heavy approach. Plain and simple, that’s not what you’ll get with Universal CPA Review. Our unique visual learning approach and engaging tutor-like teaching style resonate with our students and help them not only understand the CPA exam study materials, but it also makes studying bearable!


How Are Our CPA Study Materials Different?

Universal CPA Review is the only review course truly designed for visual learners. Our program prides itself on a content-first approach that is designed to break down the comprehensive AICPA blueprints and map it out on our own. We call these our mental maps! That’s right, Universal CPA focuses on teaching you the CPA exam material with a unique step-by-step approach that will make understanding the concepts to be automatic. We want you to see a question at the Prometric center and be able to immediately identify what the topic is, and then think to yourself “what are the 2-3 questions that they might ask?”

That’s when you’ll remember your mental map!

But What if I am Still Confused?

If after looking at our animated bite-sized video lectures and mental maps, you still just aren’t understanding the CPA exam material, well that’s where the video explanations for every single practice multiple-choice question and task-based simulation come into play.


You read that right! Universal CPA Review is the only review course to provide video explanations for every single practice question, so if you get an answer wrong, you’ll have a video of one of our lead instructors walking you through the answer. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring services when with Universal, you already have a tutor by your side every step of the way!

Instructor Support

We do understand that many students don’t understand these concepts the first time. That’s why Universal CPA offers the Ask Joey resource tool that provides 24/7 support. If you don’t get it, drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



Universal has all of the bells and whistles that other CPA review courses have. Universal CPA’s custom built CPA review platform comes with progress tests, dashboard analytics, and everything else you will need to study wherever, whenever!


Content and Technology Updates

The CPA exam is super dynamic and ever evolving. So, before choosing a review course, make sure to confirm that the review course you are using is always working on improving and updating its material. No one wants to get stuck with an outdated CPA prep course. Universal CPA Review comes with unlimited updates to your account for free.


Practice Exams

Practice, practice, practice. We’ve all heard that since grade school! Make sure your CPA study material has practice exams and questions that will give you enough material to get familiar with all of the necessary the tools such as spreadsheets, time clocks, calculators and more. Universal CPA offers progress tests that will allow you to consolidate all of the information that you’ve learned so that you can practice with enhanced spaced repetition. The more familiar you are with the concepts, the better you will do on your CPA exam section.


Pricing and Payment

Let’s face it, studying for the CPA Exam is an investment. So, if you could choose a CPA review course that won’t break the bank yet prioritizes quality, wouldn’t you?! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on your CPA review course, you could get receive a better overall study experience while saving yourself thousands of dollars doing so. Learn more about the financing options to purchase the Universal CPA course.