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Review These helpful videos!

12 Key Tips to Follow!

The Universal CPA Review team has been in your shoes! We put together a list of general study tips that worked for us and other Universal CPA Review students.  Ultimately, you must determine an approach and strategy that works best for you, but these tips will help you get started!

How to use the Universal CPA Platform

This video walks through how to use the Universal CPA platform. You will learn how to best utilize our bite-sized video lectures, study guides, MCQs, and task-based simulations. This video demonstrates Universal’s visual learning approach, and how we can help you pass the CPA exams on your first try!

Join the Universal CPA Review Study Groups

If you haven’t already joined our Facebook CPA study groups for each section, please join today. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to the Universal CPA Review team and thousands of candidates who are also studying for the CPA exam!


4,500+ CPA candidates are members!


2,300+ CPA candidates are members!


2,700+ CPA candidates are members!


2,500+ CPA candidates are members!

Review the CPA Exam Guide for each section

The Universal CPA Review team has prepared comprehensive guides for each section of the CPA exam for your review. The CPA exam guides for each section help you under the format, test taking strategies, specific tips, types of questions, and which simulation topics you should focus on.