Countdown to the next CPA Score Release


You will experience one of the following scenarios...

Scenario #1

Completely done (4/4)

Scenario #2 

Passed and onto next exam

Scenario #3

Failed the exam

Congratulations! Passing all 4 sections is a huge accomplishment, and now you are ready to begin your career as a licensed CPA! Our team spent quite a few years in public accounting and corporate accounting, so please ask us any career related questions you have! 

You likely already started studying for your next exam as you didn't want to waste any time! Good job and hopefully you're ahead of schedule! Even if you passed your prior exam, take some time to think about what tweaks you could make to your approach.

The best thing to do right now is to be honest with yourself. Take a few days to think about how you can modify your approach to pass the exam the next time. Think about how you can "study smarter". Ask yourself whether you memorized concepts, and if you did, really try to understand them this time around!

Let's get back on track!

Check out our YouTube videos if you failed a section!