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The Universal materials align with the latest AICPA blueprints. Within the “Product” page, we have included a detailed reconciliation that maps each section of the AICPA blueprints to the Universal platform (for AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG). Additionally, you can find a summary in the link below:

Universal Content Summary

We have already started preparing for the CPA Evolution, which is expected to go live on January 1, 2024. Learn more about the CPA Evolution here!

The short answer is “duh”. Universal CPA Review offers a full-course package that uniquely offers a systematic approach and our very own copywritten “mental map” methodology. We break down the concepts because we understand that not all candidates have been auditors or tax practitioners for, I dunno, 25 years… We explain information in a way that is digestible with uniquely created visuals in our engaging video lectures, e-book, MCQ’s, and task-based simulations. We want you to leave each explanation thinking “Aha! Now I see it…”

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To cancel your monthly subscription, please access the Stripe customer portal which is linked here!

You can also also contact the Universal CPA Review team at [email protected] and we will cancel your subscription for you!

For additional information about the monthly subscription page, visit this page!

Umm… is Hawaii amazing?! Of course it can… Universal CPA Review sells each CPA exam section individually and offers test-bank packages. If you’re looking for an extra push to get over the hump, we are convinced that our unique teaching methods, video explanations, and true visual learning experience can at the very least, allow you to think of these (very challenging and dry) concepts differently. Who knows, maybe you’ll even tell one of our nerdy accounting jokes at your next happy hour!

Visual learning is a key piece of our content delivery model. The CPA exam has a ton of material, and most students study for an individual section over the course of several months.

Visual learning helps students comprehend information faster, but it also helps you retain information over a longer period of time. Wouldn’t you rather learn with content that is visually appealing rather than watching someone scrabble all over a white board?

We definitely preferred to learn visually, and that is why we created Universal CPA.

Yes, attached below is a summary of lectures, study guide pages, MCQs, and simulations by chapter/module for each section of the CPA exam. This is updated frequently by the content team at Universal CPA.

Universal Content Summary

Ask yourself this question. After watching someone scribble on a whiteboard for 30 minutes, do I have the necessary knowledge and understanding to attack multiple-choice questions?

When we were studying for the exam, the answer was 100% a no. We created the MCQ explanation videos to continue to the learning process and help students get over the hump so they could actually get to the application phase of the process!

We use the same techniques and images from the lectures to explain the multiple-choice questions so that you can build your mental map and confidently destroy the exam on gameday!

Based on historical information and scores voluntarily reported by CPA candidates, our pass rate for the trailing 18 months is ~90%. Note that this metric is not intended to predict your results. Students must self report their scores to Universal CPA Review and we have found that students who pass are more likely to notify our team. 

Absolutely! We don’t expect you to buy before you test drive! Everyone has a different learning style, and its important for you to understand if your learning style works well with our product.

Visual learners and students that like a little more instruction tend to love our product. We let you test drive our product for 7 days and no credit card is required!

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We have partnered with Bryan Kesler at the Ultimate CPA Exam Guide (UCEG). Start by taking the personality quiz using the link below, and then Bryan will get in touch with you and get you started!

UCEG Personality Quiz

Absolutely. Just let us know if you’re interested and we’ll hook you up with a tutor. However, our content delivery model has a tutoring built in. We include detailed explanation videos for each MCQ and simulation so that you understand the correct/incorrect options, and you understand the key takeaways and bigger picture!

We’ve found that our model works very well for students who are struggling and they don’t need to spend $150+ per hour on a tutor!

Absolutely! The blueprints are the backbone of the exam, but that doesn’t mean that everything in the AICPA blueprint will be tested.

Additionally, the blueprint does not contemplate what is the best order to learn topics. The blueprint will have very difficult concepts back to back, which causes a student to feel overwhelmed and burnt out!

However, below is a mapping to the AICPA blueprints:

Universal Content Summary

On our product page, we have mapped the Universal course by chapter/module to every line in the AICPA blueprint.

Access to Universal CPA lasts forever! We know that life throws you curveballs and your study timeline is altered! Access to the platform lasts forever!


We do ask that you please do not share your login with other students. Every dollar that we earn we reinvest into the business to improve the content so that future students can pass the CPA exam and improve their career prospects!

Yes, we offer 10% commission on the net purchase price from anyone you refer. Learn more by visiting the referral page linked below:

Universal Referral Program

Yes. We utilize a 3rd party company called Affirm, which you can select at check-out. Affirm will require you to enter information and they will perform a soft credit check (does not impact your credit score). Based on your credit and eligibility, your APR on an Affirm loan will range from 0-30%.

You will be provided with the option to pay over four installments (no interest), or pay over 3, six, or 12 months (interest charged).

In addition, we also offer financing through Klarna and PayPal. 

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We do not currently have flash card on our program. While this is something that we are considering in the future, we believe that the way to pass these exams is not by memorizing words, but by instead understanding the intuition behind the more challenging topics.

We believe that our visual learning techniques coupled with our video explanations for every single MCQ and our mental maps, you will be better prepared then by say, staring at a bunch of flash cards.

Absolutely. We started planning for the 2024 CPA Evolution as soon as we learned about the plan. The CPA Evolution will change the CPA exam and Universal CPA will be the #1 CPA Review course.

If you purchase Universal prior to 2024, your software will automatically be updated when the new exam format goes into effect.

We have already started preparing for the CPA Evolution, which is expected to go live on January 1, 2024. Learn more about the CPA Evolution here!

Yes, we are consistently monitoring the changes to the AICPA blueprints. In fact, we plan months in advance for upcoming changes.

In addition, we monitor message boards and candidate feedback for what content they are seeing on the exam. We then add additional materials to address the content.

All of this is updated real-time in your platform and no updates or new software will be needed on your end.

One key challenge that every CPA candidate faces is how to study for the CPA exam. Every CPA candidate will utilize the Universal CPA course differently. However, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to best use the Universal platform. Further information can be found in the link below:

How to Use the Universal CPA platform?

The trial includes access to all of the features in the Universal CPA Review platform, but access is only provided to certain modules. To gain access to all of the modules within an exam section, you will have to subscribe/purchase.

Yes. Universal CPA will occasionally have promotional periods or flash sales, which are communicated through email, the company website, and the Universal CPA study groups. Visit the page below for our current promotion!

Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to the Universal CPA team at [email protected] to inquire about any special discounts that may be available to you based on your financial situation.

Yes! We have a video demo and the ability to schedule a demo with a member of our team here!