Earn Cash by Referring Universal CPA

Friends don’t let friends fail the CPA exam, right? Refer your study buddy to Universal CPA and we’ll reward you with a 10% commission! So if your study buddy purchases the Universal materials for $500, you’ll receive $50 in cash through PayPal!
Your referral can earn $150 off the complete course or an individual section using code: REFERRAL150

4 Steps to Earning Cash

Step 1)

Chat with other CPA candidates and explain how Universal CPA made the difference in helping you pass!

Step 2)

Complete form below, send an email to joey@universalcpareview, or message Ask Joey on Facebook with the contact info for your referral.

Step 3)

Image showing that Universal CPA Review has financing options

We’ll will work with your referral to determine which Universal package best meets the neesd of your referral.

Step 4)

Once your referral purchases, we’ll send you 10% of the purchase price (net of any discounts) through PayPal.

Submit Referral Information

Please enter any helpful information about the current status of the CPA journey of the referral