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Enhance your REG exam study schedule with the best online CPA exam study resource. The Universal CPA Review Online Test Bank is a brand-new supplement in studying for the Uniform CPA Exam. Our REG test bank includes over 1,100 multiple choice practice questions that come with detailed answer rationales, as well as 65 task-based simulations to better prepare you for test day.

Universal REG Exam Supplementary Material

  • 1,100 Multiple choice REG questions that replicate the CPA exam.
  • 65 Task-based simulations that will prepare you for test day.
  • One time purchase for access until you pass!
  • Pass the exam or your money back guaranteed!
  • In depth explanations that will give you a step-by-step, systematic way of solving problems.
  • Licensed AICPA questions that have been distributed in actual past Uniform CPA Exams.
  • Additional brand-new, unique practice questions created by CPA instructors and accounting professors

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The perfect supplement to any review course!

- Damian, Staff Forensic Accountant , Completed exam in 2018

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