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The optimal supplemental support in preparing for your CPA exam. Universal CPA Review includes actual questions distributed by the AICPA to better prepare you for exam day. Over 4,200 multiple choice questions with detailed answer descriptions as well as over 200 task-based simulations that will replicate your exam experience.

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Universal CPA Full Review Course

  • Additional brand-new, unique practice questions created by CPA instructors and accounting professors.
  • Video and audio answer explanations for multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations.
  • Page-by-page audio explanations
  • 4,200+ Multiple Choice Questions on all section replicating the CPA exam.
  • Licensed AICPA questions that have been distributed in actual past Uniform CPA Exams.
  • One time purchase for access until you pass!
  • 575 pages of e-book material covering all of the critical components of each section.
  • 200 plus task-based simulations preparing you for test day.

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All E-Books

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All Test Banks

Includes test bank access for all test sections


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- Damian, Staff Forensic Accountant , Completed exam in 2018