Learn Excel for the CPA Exam!

We’ve partnered with Excel University to offer additional resources to help you improve your Excel skills for the CPA Exam!

Why should I learn Excel for the CPA exam?

Did you know that you will have full access to Microsoft Excel on the CPA exam? The AICPA and NASBA determined that Excel is a key skill that current and future CPAs should have a solid understanding of. CPA candidates that utilize Excel on the exam can more efficiently work through the CPA exam. What are some ways you can utilize Excel on the CPA exam? Here are a few:

How can I learn Excel for the CPA exam?

We have partnered with Excel University, which focuses on helping you quickly learn the basics of Excel so that you are better prepared for the CPA exam (plus your full-time job!). We recommend signing up for the 90-day dash, which you can do alongside your CPA prep! As part of the 90-day dash, you will receive the following: