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Receive full access to the Universal CPA course with our monthly subscription!

What access do you receive?

We offer a monthly subscription to the Universal CPA Review course for only $119/mo. With the monthly subscription, you will receive full access to all four sections of the Universal CPA platform (AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG). For each section, you will have access to the video lectures, ebook (study guides), multiple choice questions (with video explanations), and task-based simulations (with video explanations). 

You will also have access to ask questions through Ask Joey a Question, which is your virtual tutor! This feature is located within the platform underneath every video lecture, multiple-choice question, and task-based simulation. 

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Start your monthly subscription for only $119/month. With your subscription, you will receive full access to all 4 CPA exam sections (AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG). Cancel anytime! 

Monthly subscription vs lifetime access

Every CPA candidate will have a different reason for using the Universal CPA course. Certain CPA candidates utilize the Universal course as their primary course and other candidates use it as a supplement to another review course. It is really up to you as to whether the monthly subscription or purchasing lifetime access makes the most sense for your CPA timeline and budget. If you have any questions about which type of access you should purchase, reach out to our team by clicking the blue messenger button in the bottom right of your screen or through email at [email protected].

How do I start a monthly subscription?

Starting your monthly subscription through Stripe is easy! Just click the Stripe subscription payment link below and fill in your payment details! If you already have a Universal CPA account, we will add access to all 4 sections. If you do not have a Universal CPA account, we will create an account for you and include your login information via email. Please allow up to 6 hours for your monthly subscription to be activated. 

How do I manage or cancel my subscription plan?

To access your subscription plan, please access the Stripe customer portal using the button below. Within the Stripe portal, you can change your payment method, receive a copy of your invoice, and cancel your monthly subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With the monthly subscription, you will receive access to all four sections (AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG) of the Universal CPA platform. For each section, you will have full access, which includes the video lectures, study guides, multiple choice questions and task-based simulations. In addition, you will have access to the explanation videos for each MCQs and simulation (150+ hours of video instruction). 

To learn more about what access and features are included in your monthly subscription, visit our product page!

Yes, you will have the option to cancel anytime before you subscription renews for the next month. To manage your Stripe subscription, please access the Stripe customer portal or contact the Universal CPA team here

When you cancel your subscription, you will still have access through the end of your current billing period. On the last day of your current billing period, your subscription will automatically cancel. 

Yes, you will have access to all 4 sections of the Universal CPA platform. For example, if you are studying for a FAR retake but also started AUD, then you will be able to access both sections in the platform. Other CPA review courses only provide access to one section at a time. 

Yes, if you are start with the monthly subscription and are interested in upgrading to lifetime access, please contact the Universal CPA team. Note that any subscription payments will not count towards the cost to upgrade to lifetime access. 

No, we do not offer financing for the monthly subscription plan. 

You will have the ability to change your payment method or credit card on file in the Stripe customer portal.  

Yes, your monthly subscription will automatically renew. You will be notified through email by Stripe 3 days prior to your subscription renewal date. If you would like to set your subscription to automatically cancel at the end of the current billing period, you can make this election in the Stripe customer portal

Yes, the Universal course is constantly updated to align with the latest AICPA blueprints and trends CPA candidates are experiencing. Your material will automatically be updated for any changes that are made. 

In accordance with our refund policy, the monthly subscription will not be eligible for our 7-day money back guarantee. 

Still have additional questions? Send an email to [email protected]!