Montana CPA Requirements

How to become a CPA in the state of Montana…

How to become a CPA in Montana?

This page contains detailed information on Montana’s CPA Exam educational, professional, and legal requirements. You’ll also find information on obtaining the CPA license and renewing it.

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Overview of Montana Requirements


Semester Units


in Application fees


Hours of Experience


Residency or 

Citizenship Requirements


International Exam Program


Ethics Exam

Montana CPA requirement details:

Credit Requirements: Applicants must complete 150 semester hours or 225 quarter hours, including 24 hours of accounting-specific subjects and 24 hours in general business subjects, to sit for the exam. 

Minimum degree: Baccalaureate or higher.

Additional Requirements: None.

Educational Requirement: Applicants have a Baccalaureate with 150 semester hours, including 24 hours in accounting-related subjects and 24 hours in general business courses. 

Experience Requirements: To obtain a CPA license in Montana, applicants must obtain 2,000 hours of accounting or auditing experience within three years preceding the licensure application date. 

Ethics Exam: Yes – Montana CPA candidates must pass the AICPA Ethics Exam. 

Social Security Requirements: Yes

Participates in International Exam Program: Yes

Minimum Age: 18 years.

Citizenship: There is no residency or citizenship requirement for Montana CPA emanation or licensure. 

More Requirements: None.

Montana Board of Public Accountants 

Board of Public Accountants

301 S. Park Avenue

4th Floor

Helena, MT 59620

Phone: (406) 841-2300

Email: [email protected]

Initial application fee: $245

Registration fee: $100

Re-examination fees: re-examination applicants must pay a Board fee of $238.15 for each exam section and a registration fee of $100.  

AUD: $238.15

FAR: $238.15

REG: $238.15

BEC: $238.15

Total: $1,297.60

All fees are non-refundable.

Montana CPAs must renew their licenses annually by December 31.

Montana Board of Public Accountants requires all CPAs to complete 120 hours of CPE in a three-year rolling period, including 60 hours of technical subjects and two hours of accounting-specific ethics.

For more information on the state’s requirements for the CPA examination and licensing, contact the Montana Board of Public Accountants or visit the Montana Society of CPAs page. 

A detailed guide on becoming a CPA in Montana is here. The CPE requirement guide can be found here

Note: Read the Montana Statutes for a better understanding of the state’s CPA examination and licensure policies. Publiuc Accountants.

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