How to Get Started with Universal CPA Review?

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Getting Started with Universal CPA Reviefw

Getting Started with Universal CPA Review!

We get it… studying for the CPA can be a lonely journey. We were once in your shoes, and we often felt like there was no one else that felt what we were experience. As co-founders of Universal CPA, we not only created a review course that would help you learn like we wanted to learn, but we also wanted to create a support network to help you through this long journey! 

Step 1) Start a Free Trial!

The Universal CPA free trial provides access to the platform for 7 days. This means you will have access to the video lectures, electronic book / study guide, multiple choice questions, and simulations for select modules of each CPA exam section! 

You know what the best part is? There is no commitment and we do not require a credit card to activate the trial! If you aren’t interested in purchasing, just let your free trial access expire!

Feature Included?
Video lectures
Electronic study guides
Multiple choice questions w/ video explanations
Simulations w/ video explanations
Access to Ask Joey Q&A

See how our well our students are doing!

Step 2) Watch or Schedule a Demo

Learn why the Universal CPA Review course was designed to help you efficiently and effectively learn the complex topics tested on the CPA exam. 

Do you think watching a long and boring lecture or reading a dense textbook helps you learn how to solve complex multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations? We definitely don’t think so!

That is why we designed the Universal CPA Review course to have bite-sized video lectures, and then detailed explanation videos for each multiple-choice question and task-based simulation. You will feel like you are working one-on-one with a tutor to learn and apply your knowledge. 

To learn more, watch the demo video below or schedule a 15-minute video demo with a member of the Universal CPA Review team. We’ll learn more about your CPA journey and help you tackle the CPA exam!

Watch the Demo (~7 mins)

Ready to start a free trial?​

You’ll have access to the Universal CPA platform! Click the button below to sign up for a free trial. 

No credit card required. 

Schedule a Demo!

Step 3) Join the Universal CPA Review Study Groups

Studying for the CPA exam can be very challenging and lonely. So why not join a study group with other CPA candidates who are going through the same experiences you currently are? 

As a member of the Universal CPA Review study groups, you will be able to ask questions to the co-founders and other CPA candidates. In addition, you can respond to questions from other CPA candidates. This will help improve your understanding of certain topics since you will be teaching them!


4,500+ CPA candidates are members!


2,300+ CPA candidates are members!


2,700+ CPA candidates are members!


2,500+ CPA candidates are members!

Step 4) review the CPA Exam Guide for each section

The Universal CPA Review team has prepared comprehensive guides for each section of the CPA exam for your review. The CPA exam guides for each section help you under the format, test taking strategies, specific tips, types of questions, and which simulation topics you should focus on. 

Step 5) Purchase course (financing available)

Once you have completed your free trial, reviewed the demo video, and reviewed the CPA exam guides for each section, you are now ready to purchase the Universal CPA Review course. We offer interest-free financing options through PayPal and Klarna. If you need to finance the cost over a longer period of time, we have partnered with Affirm. With Affirm, you can finance the cost over a 3 to 12 month period. 

Monthly Subscription

Access to all 4 Sections
$ 99
Paid Monthly
  • $149 Monthly Value. You Save $50!
  • Affirm Pricing Not Available
    With Subscription

Complete Course

Lifetime Access
$ 649 One-Time Fee
  • $999 Value. You Save $350!
  • Payments as low as $55/month
    with Affirm Financing.
Best Deal!


Full Access
$ 199
One-Time Fee
  • $299 Value. You Save $100!
  • Payments as low as $45/month
    with Affirm Financing.

Note: If you already have a Universal CPA account, you can purchase through the Shop page. This is also where you can purchase using Affirm financing.