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Studying for the CPA exam doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Simplify your learning experience, make it fun, and obtain your CPA license in no time at all!

Dive into how we made our CPA review course a better tool than the outdated methods you’re used to seeing.

Image showing Universal CPA Review's online CPA Exam review course for CPA candidates preparing for the Uniform CPA Exam. Universal CPA Review is the Best CPA Review course.

We don’t make you stare at the same boring lectures for hours. Studying for the CPA exam should feel engaging, and that’s what makes us the best CPA review available.

The traditional, text-heavy study approach that other CPA review courses take just won’t cut it. Universal CPA sets itself apart as the best CPA review course as it provides a unique visual approach that will enable candidates to truly retain the information!

A CPA Review Course That Provides A Unique Comprehensive Experience

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Multiple Choice Questions
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Video Lectures
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Task Based Simulations
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CPA Study Guides

Why Our Online CPA Course Is The Best Option For You!

Multiple Choice Questions

Universal CPA Review is truly special as it is the only CPA study material that comes with video explanations for every single CPA exam question!

Additionally, we offer both CPA exam questions that have been seen on previous exams, as well as those that are uniquely created by our team of instructors and subject matter experts.

The solutions in our CPA exam questions don’t just come with a block of text, and we don’t ask you to interpret them on your own. Our CPA study material takes a visual approach throughout the entire course, and that even includes the solutions to our CPA exam questions! 

CPA Study Guides

There is nothing about reading thousands of words from a textbook that is going to help you retain complex accounting information.

Our review course offers a CPA study guide for each section but unlike other textbooks, ours comes in a visual format. Universal CPA provides a CPA study guide that has been described as “the children’s book” of CPA review, and we take it as a compliment!

Studying for the CPA exam is hard, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Great program, helps a lot with visual learners and helping to nail down the basic fundamentals. Really helped me improve and start learning the material instead of memorizing. Their bite sized lectures make everything much more enjoyable to learn and watch.

Danny N. Universal Student

Really good review courses. Very good quality video class, and a detailed explanation of MCQs. For SIM, it is worth your time to memorize and practice each of it.

Jingyi Y. Universal Student

I used universal CPA review for REG and FAR and I passed both!! Their videos makes digesting difficult concepts like partnership basis and statement of cash flow much easier! I highly recommend using it.

Helen C. Universal Student

Video Lectures

Universal CPA Review’s bite-sized video lectures will provide everything you need to pass the CPA exam. Not only do our lectures cover everything in the AICPA blueprint, but they are also delivered with a systematic problem-solving approach.

To pass the CPA exam, you can’t memorize your way through the topics, you must also see it.

Task Based Simulations

Unlike other traditional CPA review courses, Universal CPA offers a visual approach to its task-based simulations.

Studying for task-based simulations can feel overwhelming, and that’s why our CPA review course offers video explanations that will make you feel like you have a tutor by your side!

Pass The CPA Exam With The Best Online CPA Review Course

Course Features Universal CPA Review Other CPA Review Courses
🤩🤩 Animated video lectures
🤩🤩 Animated ebook
Static text-heavy content
Thousands of multiple-choice questions


🤩🤩  Animated video explanations for 100% of multiple-choice questions

Hundreds of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Animated video explanations for 100% of task-based simulations
🤩🤩 Mental maps that provide a step-by-step approach
Mapped to AICPA blueprints
Lifetime access & unlimited updates
Mobile friendly
Ask Joey 24/7 support
Money back guarantee
Full CPA review course under $700

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