Colorado CPA Requirements

How to become a CPA in the state of A Colorado…

How to become a CPA in Colorado?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on CPA Exam requirements in Colorado, this page is for you. Each state has different CPA Exam requirements, so you must meet the Colorado Board of Accountancy eligibility criteria to obtain a CPA license.

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Overview of Colorado Requirements


Semester Units


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Citizenship Requirements


International Exam Program


Ethics Exam

Colorado CPA requirement details:

Credit Requirements: 120 hours with a minimum of 27 semester hours of non-duplicative accounting coursework with a grade of “C” or higher, or which 21 hours should cover the following topics:

  • Accounting Ethics
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Accounting Research and Analysis
  • Accounting Theory
  • Auditing and Attestation Services
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting of Business Organizations
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting for Government and Not-for-Profit
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Fraud Examination
  • Internal Controls and Risk Assessment
  • Managerial or Cost Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Tax Research and Analysis

Of the remaining 93 hours, at least 21 must be completed in business-related subject matters such as Economics, Finance, or Business Communications. 

Minimum degree: Baccalaureate

Additional Requirements: None. 

Educational Requirement: at least 150 hours, including 27 hours of accounting studies with a grade of “C” or higher 21 hours in a business-related field. Applicants must also possess a Bachelor’s degree. However, some applicants are eligible for an exemption from the Baccalaureate requirement provided they have completed 120 credit hours with the correct courses and are enrolled in an educational institution requiring a minimum of 150 hours for graduation. 

Experience Requirements: at least 12 months of general accounting practice providing any type of attestation, compilation, accounting, financial advisory, management advisory, or tax services. 

Ethics Exam: Yes – one must pass the AICPA Ethics Exam with a 90% or better grade within two years preceding the application for CPA licensure. 

Social Security Requirements: Yes

Participates in International Exam Program: Yes

Minimum Age: 18 years.

Citizenship: U.S. citizenship is not mandatory. Non-citizens must hold a Social Security Number Affidavit proving they are applying for a CPA license in Colorado. 

More Requirements: None.

Colorado State Board of Accountancy (DPO)

1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, Colorado 80202

(303) 894-7800

Initial application fee: $160

AUD: $238.15

FAR: $238.15

REG: $238.15

BEC: $238.15

Total: $1,112.60

All fees are non-refundable.

Colorado CPA licenses expire on November 30 of odd-numbered years. New applicants receiving a license within 120 days of the upcoming renewal date are issued a license with the next expiration date.

All Colorado CPAs must maintain CPE to renew their license and continue practicing accountancy in the state of Colorado. Active CPAs must complete 10 hours of CPE every quarter the license is active during each reporting period. The total required CPE hour count is 80, out of which no more than 20% can be related to Personal Development and no more than 50% to teaching or publishing a book. Four hours of CPE must be in ethics, including two hours of Colorado Rules and Regulation study.

Learn more by visiting the Colorado State Board of Accountancy page or the Colorado Society of CPAs website

Colorado CPA requirements quick guide: here

Note: For a better understanding of Colorado CPA laws, see the Colorado Accountants Practice Act.

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