Value of the CPA License

What is the estimated value over a span of 25 years?

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How To Estimate Value Of The CPA License​

There are a lot of different variables that impact the lifetime value of obtaining the CPA license. This Excel model will allow you to calculate the lifetime value based on a variety of variables that you can set. This includes the initial raise once you obtain the CPA license, your current salary, annual raises with and without the CPA license, and the percentage return on the incremental earnings. 

Obtaining the CPA license is difficult and will test your motivation and patience, but just look at the incremental value you will obtain over a 25 year career from obtaining the CPA license. At the end of the day, obtaining the CPA license is one of the best investments you can make!

You can download the Excel model using the button to the right and plug in your own estimates!

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