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Best CPA Review Course for Visual Learners

Preparing for the CPA exam can be a daunting task, especially when conventional study methods don’t align with your learning style. My journey as the founder of Universal CPA Review highlighted the need for a study approach tailored to visual learners like myself. Traditional, text-heavy CPA review courses weren’t cutting it, prompting me to create my own visuals to understand and retain complex information better. But it’s important to recognize that there are different learning styles, each playing a vital role in how CPA candidates absorb and process information.

Understanding Different CPA Exam Learning Styles

  1. Visual (Spatial) Learners: These learners excel when they can see the material. Diagrams, color coding, and videos are particularly effective for them. Visual aids help in processing information faster and retaining it longer, essential for the comprehensive CPA exam.

  2. Auditory (Aural-Musical) Learners: Auditory learners prefer listening to lessons and may benefit more from lectures or discussions. Audiobooks or recorded lectures can be a great tool for them.

  3. Reading and Writing (Verbal/Linguistic) Learners: Similar to visual learners, they learn best through words. Traditional reading materials, notes, and written exercises work well for this group.

  4. Kinesthetic (Physical) Learners: These learners need to be physically engaged with the material. Interactive activities like using flashcards or participating in hands-on tasks can enhance their learning experience.

A comprehensive CPA review course should cater to all these learning styles, offering a variety of materials and techniques to suit each learner’s needs.

The Power of Visual Learning in CPA Exam Preparation

As a visual learner, I found that integrating visual aids, like charts and infographics, into my study routine was a game-changer. Visual learning not only helped me process complex information 60,000 times faster than text but also significantly improved my long-term retention of the material. This is crucial for the CPA exam, which demands a deep understanding of extensive content.

Building a Mental Map: A Visual Strategy for CPA Success

Developing a mental map is a systematic approach that aids in understanding and remembering complex material. It involves creating a visual structure of the information, which is particularly effective for visual learners facing task-based simulations in the CPA exam.

Developing a mental map is a systematic approach that aids in understanding and remembering complex material, especially for visual learners tackling the CPA exam. It involves creating a visual structure of the information, where the main topics branch out into subtopics, each adorned with symbols, colors, and concise annotations. This method not only simplifies complex concepts but also helps in creating connections between different areas of the subject matter, fostering a comprehensive understanding. As you revisit and refine your mental map, your grasp on the material deepens, making it easier to navigate through the intricate details of the CPA exam.

Image of a studying with a mental map when studying for the CPA Exam

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Choosing the Right CPA Review Course

Universal CPA Review stands out as the best CPA review course for visual learners. Our courses are designed with visual learning in mind, featuring interactive videos and visual summaries. However, we also understand the importance of catering to all learning styles, ensuring that every CPA candidate has the resources they need to succeed.

Why Visual Learning is Essential for CPA Candidates

Visual learning is not just a preference but a scientifically backed method for effective studying. By understanding the material at a fundamental level, visual learners can retain information effectively and navigate the CPA exam with confidence.


Embracing the right learning style, especially visual learning, can transform your CPA exam preparation from a daunting task to an achievable goal. With a comprehensive understanding of different learning styles and a focus on visual techniques, CPA candidates can effectively prepare for the exam, ensuring a deeper understanding and better retention of the material. Remember, the best way to study for the CPA exam is to find a method that resonates with your learning style, and for many, this means embracing visual learning.

Plus, one of the biggest benefits of CPA license is that you’ll have far more tax code and auditing knowledge than your non-licensed peers.

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