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What is process documentation in a business process?

A company should prepare documentation for each business process that maps out the steps that need to be executed to complete a task. By documenting each business process, it allows the organization to understand the current state of the process and identify ways to improve the process.

Who is involved in documenting a process?

The business process owner should be in charge of the process documentation. The business process owner should work with employees that work within the business process, along with managers and executives to ensure that all key steps in a business process are captured.

What are the benefits of process documentation?

By preparing process documentation, risks or threats to the process can be more easily identified. By visually “seeing” the process, it is easier to understand the flow of transaction data and identify where issues could arise, or risks that exist. Flow charts are helpful for this reason!

What is included in process documentation?

A well-documented business process should include all of the steps performed, individuals involved, systems involved, and controls involved. The process documentation should also include any relationships with other business processes, such as information that is sent to another business process or comes from another business process.

Process documentation can use flowcharts, system interface diagrams, organizational charts, and other visual representations to add further detail to process documentation.

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