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What is an example of adjudicated incompetent?

Adjudicated incompetent is one reason for why a contract is automatically avoid. If one party entering into a contract is deemed adjudicated incompetent or mentally insane, the contract will automatically be deemed void. Below is an example of adjudicated incompetent:

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  • What are some of example of why a contract is void?

    A void contract is a formal agreement that is effectively illegitimate and unenforceable from the moment it is created. Some examples of why a void contract would exist include fraud in the execution, physical duress, illegality, adjudicated incompetency, and mutual mistake.

  • What is an example of physical duress?

    Physical duress is one of the reasons a contract can be automatically void. Physical duress will arise when one party physically harms or threatens the victimized party with physical force. Below is a list of reasons a contract is void or could be voidable!

  • What is illegality for void contracts?

    Illegality occurs if the considerations within the contract is considered legal. If illegality is present, then the contract is automatically void. Below is an example of illegality: