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What is an example of a unilateral contract?

A unilateral contract is a contract that is one premise that is provided in exchange for the performance. The formation of the contract does not occur until after the performance has been completed. Below is an example of a unilateral contract:

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  • What is an example of a quasi contract?

    A quasi contract, which is often referred to as an implied in-law contract, are simply remedies that will enable a plaintiff to recover benefits from the defendant. For the contract to be considered quasi, a previous arrangement or contract cannot exist.

  • What is an express contract?

    Express contracts are contracts that are formed by some sort of language. Express contracts can be performed either orally or in writing (or a combination of both). So how are express contracts different from implied-in-fact contracts? Well, express contracts are different from implied contracts because the terms are defined explicitly and exactly. Express contract are also based […]

  • What is an implied-in-fact contract?

    Implied-in-fact contracts rely on the actions of an individual to form a contract. Implied-in-fact contracts rely on the behaviors, actions, and apparent intentions of the parties. Implied-in-fact contracts will likely not have a written or oral agreement. Oral or written agreements would be a characteristic of an express contract.