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  • What is an example of a quasi contract?

    A quasi contract, which is often referred to as an implied in-law contract, are simply remedies that will enable a plaintiff to recover benefits from the defendant. For the contract to be considered quasi, a previous arrangement or contract cannot exist.

  • What is an express contract?

    Express contracts are contracts that are formed by some sort of language. Express contracts can be performed either orally or in writing (or a combination of both). So how are express contracts different from implied-in-fact contracts? Well, express contracts are different from implied contracts because the terms are defined explicitly and exactly. Express contract are also based...

  • What is an implied-in-fact contract?

    Implied-in-fact contracts rely on the actions of an individual to form a contract. Implied-in-fact contracts rely on the behaviors, actions, and apparent intentions of the parties. Implied-in-fact contracts will likely not have a written or oral agreement. Oral or written agreements would be a characteristic of an express contract.