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  • What is a collateral trust bond?

    A collateral trust bond is a bond that is secured by a financial asset, such as stock or other bonds, that is deposited and held by a trustee for the holders of the bond.

  • What is a convertible bond?

    Convertible bonds or convertible debentures are forms of debt that can be converted into a specific amount of common stock. Debt securities such as bonds will often be associated with fixed interest payments that will be paid back on a periodic basis. Therefore, when convertible bonds are converted into common stock, there will be an impact on the numerator (increase in interest income), and an impact on the denominator (conversion of bonds into more common stock). Similar to convertible preferred stock, convertible bonds will use the “if-converted method”. However, unlike convertible preferred stock, it is important to understand that the tax rate will only apply to convertible bonds as the applicable interest income amounts will be calculated net of tax.

  • What is a corporate bond?

    A corporate bond is a type of debt security that is issued by a corporation in order to obtain additional financing. The corporation may issue the bond to raise additional funds for ongoing operations, to merge with or acquire another company, or to expand its business (new products, geography, etc.). Corporate bonds typically pay interest, with the interest being taxable to investors and tax deductible for the corporation. Bonds may or may not have a call option, which allows the debt issuer (corporation) to redeem the bonds before its matures.