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What is a form 1065?

Form 1065 is an information tax return that must be filed with the IRS. Partnership tax returns will be used to compute the partnerships taxable income that will flow through to each member of the partnership.

  • Partnerships are a “flow-through entity” and will not be taxed separately (e.g. C Corp).
  • Partnerships are considered to be very similar to S Corporations and will be taxed exactly the same way.
  • Be familiar with Form 1065 and its included line items as you might see various partnership related task-based simulations.

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  • What increases or decreases basis in a partnership?

    The basis of a partner’s interest will be increased by earnings and profits generated by the partnership. The sources of these earnings can be both taxable income as well as tax-exempt income.

  • What is a partnership?

    What is a partnership? The partnership is considered a flow through entity and like S corporations, will report ordinary income items (including gains and losses) from the partnership to the shareholders individual tax return. Partnerships will be required to report each individual partners’ distributive share of their ordinary gains and losses plus specially stated items.