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  • What duties should be segregated in an IT department?

    The nature and roles of each individual in an IT department will vary, so it’s important to understand the specific role each IT person has in the broader IT function. At a very high level, roles and access should be outlined clearly so that an individual does not have the ability to implement a system […]

  • What duties should be segregated in the payroll cycle?

    The company should segregate human resources, payroll accounting, and the treasurer. Each role is responsible for the following: 1) Human resources – This can be performed by the human resources department hiring new employees and maintaining records of the employees hire date and salary information. 2) Payroll (accounting) – Supervision can be assured by proper […]

  • What departments should be segregated in the revenue cycle at a company?

    In order for proper segregation of duties to exist in a company’s revenue cycle, the company should segregate the sales department, the credit approval department, the shipping department, and the billing department.