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What are the five focus areas of information technology?

Information technology has greatly evolved over time, and has gone from being an overlooked automated luxury, to a very important function of organization’s strategies. The overall idea for IT is to improve decisions and enable them to be an input in the strategic process as well as help increase the overall financial health of the company.

The five key focus areas for information technology include:

1) Strategic alignment – Links businesses and information technology so that they can work well together. True alignment can only work if the business end of the organizations effectively communicates its overall strategy to information technology leaders regarding costs, various impacts from IT, and reporting requirements.

2) Value delivery – Ensures that the information technology department performs what is necessary to deliver the benefits that were promised at the beginning of a specific project or an investment.

3) Resource management – The method of managing resources more effectively as well as organize staff members more efficiently (e.g. by skillset as opposed to lines of businesses).

4) Risk management – Consists of instating a formal risk framework that demonstrates how management accepts and manages risk as well as managing what IT is assessing in terms of risk.

5) Performance measures – Defines a structure around measuring an organizations performance (e.g. balance scorecard).

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