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  • Under ASC 606 (revenue recognition standard), what criteria must be in place for a valid contract to exist?

    One of the key criteria in ASC 606 is that a valid contract has to be in place with a customer in order for there to be a valid transaction. The visual below outlines the key criteria that must exist:

  • What are the five steps for revenue recognition under U.S. GAAP (ASC 606)?

    There are 5 key steps or principles that are required for revenue to be recognized: Step 1: Identify the Contract with a Customer: A contract is a written or spoken agreement, generally concerning the sale of goods, employment terms, tenancy of property, and will be enforceable by law. Step 2: Identify the Performance Obligations in […]

  • What types of consideration should be included in the purchase price in a transaction?

    Under ASC 606, having a defined transaction price is one of the key steps in revenue recognition. The transaction price can include a variety of different types of consideration like cash, but also variable consideration, noncash consideration, financing components, and consideration payable to customer. The visual below details these items out: