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Ways to terminate an agency relationship without constructive notice?

There are many ways that an agency relationship can be terminated without constructive notice. For example, if the agent or principal die, then the relationship is terminated. The visual below lists out some common reasons as to why an agency relationship would be automatically terminated.

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  • How to terminate an agency relationship?

    Generally, either party will have the rights and power to terminate an agency relationship, but they will not be able to necessarily terminate whenever they choose. To terminate an agency relationship, the principal can provide constructive notice. However, there are a number of ways where the agency relationship is automatically terminated without constructive notice.

  • How is an agency contract or relationship formed?

    Generally, there isn’t a formal process to form an agency relationship. Thus, an agency agreement can be made orally or written. However, an exception to this rule is the statute of frauds which will require that an agency contract be made in writing if it cannot be performed within one year from the time that the contract was entered into (discussed later). Any agency relationship or contract will exist if: