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Three Reasons to Become an Accountant

If you’re someone who is intrigued by numbers, enjoys problem-solving and wants to help others, then accounting might be the perfect career for you. While some people may be put off by its unalluring reputation, accounting is an excellent career choice that has many benefits. In this article, we look at three of the reasons to consider a profession as an accountant.

Lucrative Profession

If you’re looking for a career that can provide you with financial stability and success, then accounting is a perfect option. Accountants are always in high demand across all industries, as their expertise is necessary in order for businesses to thrive. This means that skilled accountants will be well compensated for their knowledge, even earning six-figure incomes in some cases.

What’s more, this is a career that will always be needed. Even as the usage of AI increases and processes are becoming automated, in the world of accountancy, this just means less of the simple calculations and more of a focus on investment strategies and advice.

It has also meant that financial regulations are becoming increasingly complex, so accountants are necessary to ensure that businesses understand and are complying with all regulations.

Options Exist Without A Degree in Accountancy

While a degree in accounting or finance can be beneficial in an accounting career, it’s not necessary. Many accountants only earn qualifications from professional accounting bodies, such as the ACCA or CIMA, and go on to have successful careers without ever attending university.

You’ll need to pursue a certification in order to be recognised as an accountant regardless of if you have a degree or not. Having a degree in accounting can mean that you skip some of the exams in the certification programs, but you’ll still be required to complete the majority of the course.

This makes accounting a great option for those looking for a career change without having to go back to university. Accounting qualifications can easily be done part-time and even fully online, making it highly accessible to those working another full-time job or stay-at-home parents looking for a change.


Accountants have a lot of flexibility to work across many different industries and business sectors, with each offering a different twist on the typical role. This means accountants can try out different niches to find one that aligns best with their preferences and interests. From working in a traditional accounting firm to specialising in a particular industry, the possibilities are endless. Once you have your certifications, you could even start a practice of your own for ultimate freedom.

It’s also common for accountants to have the option to work remotely or have flexible hours, as the majority of tasks can be done online from anywhere in the world. So if you’re someone who’s hoping to relocate or even live out your digital nomad dreams, this flexibility can make the profession an excellent fit. Similarly, if you’re concerned about other commitments and need a career that can work around them, working as an accountant often means that you can work as and when suits you.

Bottom Line

Becoming an accountant is a wise and rewarding career choice for many reasons, with these three being some of the most attractive. The financial stability, accessible education and range of freedom make the career a great option for almost anyone. As long as days filled with solving problems and working with numbers sounds good, you might find that working as an accountant is the perfect job you’ve been searching for.

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