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Best Way to Study for the CPA Exam

The Best way to Study for the CPA Exam

Studying for the CPA Exam With Visual Learning

If you are planning to sit for the CPA exam, then you may have already read up on how there are four parts of the exam, including Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Regulation (REG). What you may not know, however, is that there are ways to learn these topics in a visual way so that they become easier to grasp as well as more memorable. 

As far as CPA test prep programs go, Universal CPA Review is the gold standard for visual learning. Our team has compiled a list of techniques that will help you in your CPA exam preparation. Applying these CPA exam study techniques will help simplify the more challenging concepts and allow you to actually learn the information without having to kill yourself by memorizing a bunch of words. We firmly believe that while studying for the CPA exam is challenging, it’s not rocket science. 

Don’t believe me, our students also agree to apply visual learning to your CPA exam, studies is truly the best way to study for the CPA exam.

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Retaining CPA Exam Information

When you understand how to break down and study questions, you can better focus on what is being asked. Additionally, by understanding the question, you can more effectively find the answer within the time limit. This is a critical skill for passing the CPA exam. Understanding not only the words in the question but also understanding which answers are right or wrong can make all the difference. 

CPA Exam Time Management

Studying for the CPA Exam is hard enough as it is, but you must also be cognizant of time. Many people who are looking to pass the CPA exam find that visual learning s beneficial. This is because when you can see the information, you are more likely to understand the questions. In addition, visual learning can help you manage your time better. With a proper study schedule, you can make sure that you are allocating enough time to each subject. This can help you avoid last minute cramming and feeling overwhelmed by the material.

CPA Exam Tips and Strategies

The CPA exam is all about understanding questions and applying the concepts you’ve learned. Sometimes, traditional methods of learning can make this difficult. However, visual learning can help you see and understand the information in a way that makes more sense to you. This can lead to improved grades and a better chance of passing the CPA exam.

CPA Exam Study Aids

When it comes to studying for the CPA exam, there are a ton of different productivity apps out there that can help you make the most of your time. I personally love using apps like Evernote and Trello to keep track of my notes and study materials. Or you could just simplify write them down on paper!

Brain Training Exercises

Just as we exercise our bodies to stay physically fit, we need to exercise our brains to stay mentally sharp. Studies have shown that brain training exercises can improve memory, focus, and other cognitive skills. It is critical to keep your brain sharp throughout your CPA journey!

Mindset is Everything

The CPA exam is all about mindset. If you approach it with a positive attitude and the belief that you can do it, you’ll be much more likely to succeed. The same goes for visual learning. Seeing information presented in a visual way can help you better understand and remember it. So if you’re studying for the CPA exam, don’t just read the material—try to visualize it as well.


The CPA exam is a notoriously difficult test to pass. Many students study for months, only to find themselves struggling on test day. Thankfully, there are ways to make the studying process easier. With the visual learning approach used by Universal CPA Review, you’ll knock out the CPA exam in no time!

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