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Switching CPA Courses – The Spilt Milk Program!

Did you commit to a CPA review course that:

#1 Is “thorough” in the sense that they dump every little detail into the textbook?

#2 Is text-heavy and promotes memorization instead of actually learn the intuition behind the topic?

#3 Doesn’t do a great job of explaining the solution in your practice questions?

Well, that’s no way to pass the exams! You can’t memorize your way through the CPA exam material, there is just too much information. You must break everything down in a bite-sized digestible format, and give yourself a systematic approach.

At Universal CPA Review we approach things a little bit differently!

What we don’t assume:

❌ You’ve been practicing accounting for 20+ years or are fluent in the language of accounting.

❌ You are entirely familiar with the fundamentals of accounting.

❌ You can pass the exams by doing 10,000 multiple-choice questions and memorizing words.

What we do assume:

✔️ That you were like us and you need it taught to you in a step-by-step systematic format.

✔️ That you can’t just memorize information, you must also understand “the why?”

✔️ That high quality practice questions with video explanations that walk you through the solution step-by-step could make all the difference!

✔️ You will still have questions and we’ll be here to answer them through the Ask Joey Q&A tool!

“But I have already spent thousands of dollars on this other course?!”

We understand and we’re here to help! Our Spilt Milk program offers steep discounts to those who’ve already invested in another review course. To learn more, schedule a call below:

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