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Is sales commissions a cost of goods sold or operating expense?

While sales commissions are directly related to the sale of a product or service, the cost is considered a selling expense. Selling expenses are a type of operating expense and would not be factored into cost of goods sold or gross profit.

Remember that operating expenses are considered period costs and not product costs, and they come below gross profit on the income statement.

The visual below lists out the various types of selling expenses. As you can see, expenses to the sales team include compensation and commissions.

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    Any cost or expenses that is incurred to sell or promote a product or service is considered a “selling expense”. Selling expenses are a key category of operating expenses, which means they are subtracted from gross profit to calculate operating profit. Selling expenses are typically categorized as period expenses, which means that they are recognized...

  • In a consignment relationship, would the consignor record commission expense in cost of goods sold or in operating expenses?

    Commission expense is a selling expense for the consignor, so it would typically be recorded in operating expenses and not cost of goods sold. The commission expense would be recorded when the consignee sells the product to a 3rd party and the consignor recognizes the revenue.

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