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Is it worth getting the CPA license? Asbolutely!

💬 “Is pursuing the CPA license even worth it?”

💬 “I have failed, I am discouraged, what do I do?”

💬 “I have a full-time job; how can I balance my work life with studying?”

Yes, these are questions that we get every single day at Universal CPA Review.

We’re not going to B.S. you, studying for the CPA exam is a gross experience, but it’s totally worth it! This is a license that will open the doors to many opportunities in your professional career that even go beyond the world of accounting. By obtaining the CPA license, you are demonstrating that you are fluent in the language of business.

With that being said, you need the right approach.

Things you need:
✔️ CPA study resources that simplify the information in a systematic, bite sized format.
✔️ Focus heavily on the most tested information. Don’t ignore the miscellaneous concepts, but know what to prioritize.
✔️ Understand the intuition, don’t memorize.
✔️ Watch multiple-choice video explanations for each question so that you don’t make the same mistake on exam day!

Want to learn more? Schedule a time to talk with our subject matter experts so that you can get back track to passing these exams. That will allow you to take a big leap forward in your career:

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