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How to calculate shareholder basis when forming a C Corporation?

C Corporations are formed by shareholders contributing property, cash, or services in exchange for shares in the company. For tax purposes, the shareholder must calculate their basis in the C Corporation.

The basis of the stock received by the shareholder upon the initial formation will include:

1) Cash contributed by the shareholder.

2) The NBV of all property contributed (less than any debt in addition to the property).

3) Services (FMV) of services contributed will be included as ordinary income.

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    Shareholders can contribute property to a C Corporation in exchange for shares in the company. The C Corporation would need to calculate the new basis for the property that was contributed. The basis for property received is calculated as follows:

  • Taxable vs nontaxable income for a C Corporation?

    For a C Corporation, income would primarily relate to any income received in the normal course of business. So, if the C Corporation sold electric vehicles, then proceeds from the sale of electric vehicles would be the primary source of income for the company on the tax return. Taxable income would also include any royalty income, rental income, or interest income that is received in advance.