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AICPA Practice Tests: Sample Questions

AICPA Practice Tests: Sample Questions

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AICPA Sample Test - What to know:

The AICPA has been kind enough to prepare practice tests for each section of the CPA exam (BEC, FAR, REG, and AUD). While the AICPA practice tests do not simulate the entire CPA exam, they do provide a brief overview of each CPA exam section that you can expect to encounter on test day.

Each AICPA sample test comes with five testlets, and while this is not an entire mock exam, it does provide 10 multiple-choice practice question and 6 task-based simulations, with the exception of the BEC CPA exam, which has 10 multiple-choice practice questions, 3 task-based simulations and 2 written communication tasks. Give these a whirl as the extra practice can’t ever hurt!

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More CPA Exam Practice Questions

While taking an AICPA practice test does give you a taste of the actual CPA Exam, it isn’t necessarily a great reflection of what you will see come exam day. This is more of a preview of the CPA Exam format. You will also need to purchase a CPA review course to give yourself sufficient information in order to prepare for, and pass the CPA Exam. If you are still on the fence about which CPA test prep program is best for you, we definitely recommend that you check out our comparison page. The Universal CPA Review course has thousands of AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and simulations that will prepare you for exam day. With step-by-step explanation videos, you will be ready to tackle any questions the AICPA tosses on your exam!

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