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Difference between visual and traditional learning?

If you are reading a dense textbook and watching instructors read you the book, then you are using a traditional learning course. 

So what is the benefit of using a CPA review course that uses visual learning? Study shows that visual learning helps your brain process information faster, retain information longer, and increases your motivation to learn!

So why wouldn’t you purchase the Universal CPA Review course? Candidates are increasing their score by 17% (on average) with Universal CPA Review!


Visual content is an industry game changer. It stimulates your imagination and allows you to absorb and comprehend information faster than text alone can do!


Visual learning is the best way to stimulate your emotions and make lasting memories that will help you remember what you learn.


Our visual content drives engagement and motivation through compelling videos, captivating images, data-driven infographics that will keep you on your toes!

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