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CPA Exam Tips: Day of Exam

So you have your test scheduled for the CPA exam, but have you thought about what exactly you need to do prior to sitting down at the computer at the Prometric center? Everyone will have their own checklist or routine, but please think about it ahead of time! Universal CPA Review has listed out the best times to bring to the CPA Exam on exam day.

1) Triple check your test date location and time – I learned this the hard way and I actually missed my CPA exam section. The day before, please confirm your test date location and time. Do the same thing the morning of! You do not want to miss your exam or be late! This will be on your NTS for the CPA Exam, which you have to bring with you! If you want to learn more about how to get your NTS for the CPA Exam, you can check out our page on how to apply for the CPA Exam.

2) Plan your meals and morning – Plan what time you will wake up for your CPA Exam. Depending on when your exam is scheduled, you might even need to eat both breakfast and lunch. Another helpful tip, try not to eat a meal that will make you tired or upset your stomach. You might wonder what you should do right before your exam, what I will say is that if you have additional time before your CPA exam, it is best to just relax and clear your head.

3) Plan the commute – Another “day of your exam” tip, know exactly how long it will take you to arrive at the Prometric center and the route you plan to take. Make sure you account for rush hour traffic or any other traffic delays that could be possible like construction. I would plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to start your CPA exam section.

4) Pump yourself up in the car – When you arrive at the Prometric center, take a few minutes to collect yourself. Take a few deep breaths. Listen or sing to your go-to pump-up song. Take a final look at your notes. My point is that you do not need to put your car in park and run inside.

5) Walk in and crush it – This one is self-explanatory. You’ve worked hard for weeks/months, so be confident in what you know, and understand that you’re not going to ever know every detail that is tested on the CPA Exam. So, go in and crush the CPA exam section that you studied so hard for!

6) Go celebrate and unwind – Simply sitting for a CPA exam section is a big accomplishment in itself. This means you worked hard and studied hard. Celebrate the milestone by doing something you absolutely love! Go to your favorite bar or restaurant, enjoy a hobby, or go home and just relax!

If you have any other helpful tips, shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Best of luck and go crush your CPA exam!

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