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CPA Exam Sample Questions

The AICPA offers a sample test (linked here) for each section of the CPA exam and includes multiple choice questions and task-based simulations. Universal CPA Review highly recommends you attempt the AICPA practice test as the questions have historically been very similar to what a candidate experiences on exam day.

If you have attempted the CPA sample exam, then you may know that there aren’t any explanations for the example CPA exam questions. Also, you will notice that the explanations for the CPA simulations examples are very brief. As such, the Universal CPA team has imported the CPA example simulations into the Universal CPA Review platform. We have brought in all the exhibits so that you can experience what it is like to navigate through 5+ of them!

Additionally, we have explained each of the examples of task-based simulations in detail through text and video explanations. These are extremely important to learn at a sufficient level, so we recommend attempting them! 

Below is an Excel file that includes the mapping of the CPA example simulations for each AICPA sample test to the corresponding section/chapter/module in the Universal CPA Review platform. 

If you do not have a Universal CPA account, you can sign up for a free trial here. You’ll have full access to free CPA study material for 7-days. This is an excellent opportunity to focus on these simulations and see some other unique CPA exam multiple choice practice questions and simulations prepared by Universal CPA Review.

If If you are looking for more task-based simulations to practice, check out a variety of task-based simulations that the Universal CPA team has prepared based on recent trends in the exams.

Sample CPA Exam Questions: 

Regardless of the CPA exam section that you are studying for, practicing sample CPA exam questions is the best way to ensure that you are prepared come exam day. Below are a few topics that we recommend spending extra time studying for each section: 

CPA FAR Exam Questions: 

Make sure to focus on the following topics: 

  1. Bonds
  2. Leases
  3. Governmental accounting 
  4. Statement of cash flows
  5. Adjusting journal entries
  6. Cash to accrual accounting

CPA FAR Simulation Examples: 

Some of the most common CPA FAR simulations that you can expect to see on exam day include those for:

  1. Bonds (effective interest method tables)
  2. Leases (lessor and lessee accounting)
  3. Comprehensive income statement (preparing the income statement)
  4. Earnings per share (know both basic and diluted EPS). 

CPA AUD Exam Questions: 

Make sure to focus on the following topics: 

  1. Transaction cycles, transaction cycles, transaction cycles!
  2. Know the different audit opinions and reasons for modification
  3. Miscellaneous topics such as other-matters paragraph details 

CPA AUD Simulation Examples: 

Some of the most common CPA AUD simulation examples that you can expect to see on exam day include those for:

  1. Know the components of audit and fraud risk
  2. Be able to evaluate potential misstatements and proposing journal entries
  3. Know the various transaction cycles

CPA BEC Exam Questions: 

  1. Know how to calculate variance analysis questions
  2. ABC costing 
  3. Know your ratios and what they mean conceptually

CPA BEC Simulation Examples: 

Some of the most common CPA BEC simulations that you can expect to see on exam day include those for:

  1. Interpreting ratios
  2. The weighted average cost of capital 
  3. Variance analysis

CPA REG Exam Questions: 

Know the following: 

  1. Gross income 
  2. Property tax basis calculations
  3. Formation and distributions for entity taxation
  4. Differences in tax practitioners and tax preparers
  5. Rules for agency and suretyship

CPA REG Simulation Examples: 

Some of the most common CPA REG simulations that you can expect to see on exam day include those for:

  1. Know the specific rules for itemized deductions
  2. Know how to calculate gains and the basis for recognized gains
  3. Know how to recognize the basis for the entity as well as the shareholder during the initial formation of a corporation 

As always, the Universal CPA Review team is here to help you pass the CPA exam, so let’s go get it done!

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