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Best YouTube channel for CPA exam help?

If you typed this question into Google, then you are looking for additional resources on YouTube to help explain complex topics that are tested on the CPA exam. You are likely using a traditional review course that reads the book to you and has you underline/circle everything on the page. Is that how a college educated professional should learn? No, that method of learning is outdated.

Universal CPA Review is the only CPA review course that uses visual learning and a step-by-step approach to simplify complex topics. The Universal team has posted content on YouTube for common topics that students struggle with and has been instrumental in helping candidates pass their exams. While only select topics are posted on YouTube, the Universal CPA channel is a valuable resource. Visit the link below to navigate to the Universal CPA YouTube channel:

Below is a sample of popular YouTube videos on topics that are frequently searched by CPA candidates. Take a spin through the content and see if you find the visual delivery of information helpful!

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