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  • Are medical expenses deductible on a tax return?

    Yes, certain medical expenses can be included as an itemized deduction. Beginning in 2021, the taxpayer can only deduct qualified medical expenses that exceed 10% of the taxpayers AGI. The visual below lists out medical expenses that are allowed and not allowed.

  • How to calculate the itemized deduction for medical expenses?

    Qualified medical expenses are potentially deductible as itemized deductions to the taxpayer, assuming they exceed all medical insurance reimbursements and 10 percent of AGI (beginning January 1, 2021). As a taxpayer, you must understand what types of medical expenses are allowed or disallowed. To calculate your itemized deduction for medical expenses, use the visual above....

  • How to avoid the 10% penalty for early withdrawing money early from a retirement plan?

    The IRS allows taxpayers to withdraw money from their retirement account penalty free, but only for certain situations. The exceptions to the rule include first time home buyers (up to $10,000), medical insurance, medical expenses, education expenses (college tuition, books, etc.), and death related expenses.