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When sitting for your CPA exam section at the Prometric Center, your objective should be to see a CPA exam question, identify the topic that is being asked, and already be on the lookout for the 2-3 types of questions that you know the CPA examiners are likely to ask. 

The AICPA released questions will provide you with the types of CPA multiple-choice practice questions and practice task-based simulations that have been asked in previous exams. However, going through a bunch of CPA practice multiple-choice questions over and over is not the best way to prepare. The AICPA does a great job of testing your ability to think critically and prove that you thoroughly understand what is being asked, conceptually.  

So, Universal CPA Review has put together a step-by-step analysis of how we feel you will best study for the CPA exam. It should go a little something like this:

#1) Identify the topic

You’re scanning through the question and… BAM! You’ll have practiced enough questions that you can quickly identify the topic the multiple-choice practice question or simulation is asking about. Remember, the topics will be randomized and not in order like the review platform!

#2) What questions can they ask me?

Identify the 2 to 3 questions they can ask you about for a particular topic. You’ll learn to practice these questions in the Universal platform!

#3) Pull out your mental map!

Now let’s pull out our Universal CPA Review mental map and remember the step-by -step approach for the topic being asked. You’re brain will immediately begin to move step 4 because you’ve done the hard work to prepare!

#4) Now we are ready to solve!

 And just like that, we now have a menu of options. We not only know what the correct answer choice is but we also know what the incorrect answer choices are! 

Example Mental Maps

Below are some example maps that you will see throughout your CPA journey that have been created by the Universal CPA Review team:

Need some advice?

If you need a kick start to studying, or a change to your approach, schedule a call to chat about our program. We’re great listeners.

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