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3 Reasons to use Universal CPA as a supplement for the CPA exam

You’re struggling with the review course you spent thousands of dollars on and now you’re looking for additional resources to help you prepare for the CPA exam. Good news. You’re in the right spot! While Universal CPA can be used as a stand-alone course, it is also a great supplement to other review courses for 3 main reasons. These 3 main reasons are discussed in further detail below with examples, but here is the big picture explanation with a Universal co-founder:

1) Bite-sized video lectures: Video lectures are used to develop a base level of knowledge. Most review courses have long and boring lectures that leave you wondering what you just learned. Universal CPA uses bite-sized video lectures to help you build a base of knowledge that is applied to MCQs and simulations. You will learn a mental map for each topic, which is a series of steps that can be used to answer the types of questions you will see for that particular topic. Below are a few examples of our bite-sized video lectures:

2) MCQ explanation videos: It is extremely important that you understand the AICPA licensed MCQs as those will be representative of what you will see on the exam. Most candidates believe that they need to practice more new MCQs. The reality is that you should spend more time understanding the AICPA licensed MCQs at a deeper level, and the MCQ videos help you do just that. We’ll use the mental map and other visuals to help dissect the MCQ and solve with a series of steps that you can repeat on exam day. Below are a few examples of MCQ videos:

3) Simulation explanation videos: Let’s be honest. It’s tough to go from practicing MCQs to practicing simulations. Simulations are robust and difficult, and they take a bunch of time to try and solve. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a video that explains the directions, the purpose of exhibits, and then walks you through how to complete the simulation? That is exactly what we do in each simulation explanation video in the Universal course. You will walk away feeling better prepared for a similar type of simulation you will see on exam day! Below are a few examples of simulation videos:

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