Ambassador Program

Want to be an Ambassador for Universal CPA Review?

Why become a “Brand Ambassador”?

Universal CPA Review is looking for brand ambassadors to raise awareness at college campuses, corporations, accounting firms, and online social communities that are used by candidates preparing or studying for the CPA exam.

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll work closely with the team at Universal CPA Review to learn how to prepare for the CPA exam. You will learn how to become a leader, build relationships, and boost your presence in the accounting industry.

What are your responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador?

As a Brand Ambassador, you will have the following responsibilities:

1) Educating your network about Universal CPA Review and the benefits of visual learning

2) Raise awareness in social networks by sharing your experiences

3) Provide input on strategic initiatives (technology, content, marketing, etc.)

What is your compensation as a Brand Ambassador?

You will be granted lifetime access to one section of the Universal CPA Review platform. You will have the option to choose from AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG. You will be able to purchase the remaining sections at a special discount. Additionally, you will be entitled to other Universal CPA Review products.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and join the Universal team!