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CPA Review for Visual Learners

You Can't Memorize Your Way Through the CPA Exams

We aim to support your staff in passing the CPA Exam by providing them with a unique and engaging visual approach to studying.

The CPA Exam is a marathon, and often a pride-swallowing journey for CPA Exam candidates. Universal CPA Review is offering various firms and organizations dedicated coaching and support to ensure that as many of your staff members obtain their CPA license as possible. 

19% Average Score Increase

Students who add Universal CPA Review to more traditional CPA review courses like Becker see a score increase of 19% on average!

Unless you’ve been an auditor for 20+ years, this stuff can seem like a foreign language to young professionals. We break down the concepts in a step-by-step manner to ensure our students understand the intuition behind the concepts!

Image showing how Universal CPA Review is the only CPA review course for visual learners
Elizabeth B. Assistant Director, Student & Diversity Initiatives at The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS)

“Our partnership with Universal CPA Review has provided so many of our members with a lot of value for a very reasonable price. Their visual learning approach is a great advantage for many future CPAs, ultimately leading to increased scores and passed exams. They are committed to helping CPA candidates succeed and we look forward to working with them more in the future!”

Laura L. CEO and Executive Director Idaho Society of CPAs

"The Idaho Society of CPAs partnered with Universal CPA to support our CPA candidates through their exam journey. My new ‘sales tag’ is, "We want to MAKE CPAs." Universal has given the Idaho Society a tangible, helpful tool to actually help students and candidates through it. I've been thrilled with the opportunity."

Thera G. Strategic Relationships Director The Ohio Society of CPAs

"Our partnership with Universal CPA Review is rooted in a shared vision. We both believe in fostering innovation, driving growth and creating lasting impact, in the CPA profession. Our aligned goals have paved the way for collaborative success."

Headshot image of caitlin oneil Communications Coordinator Connecticut Society of CPAs
Caitlin O. Communications Coordinator Connecticut Society of CPAs

"Connecticut is focusing on filling the CPA pipeline, and a huge component of that mission is encouraging and assisting our students to get that credential. Universal CPA Review offers an engaging, visual format that takes some of the fear and questions out of the new CPA Exam. The Universal CPA Review team has a plethora of great resources to share, making the CTCPA team’s job easier!"

Engaging Visual Learning Approach

Universal CPA Review is a full CPA review course that takes a unique, visual approach to studying. The CPA Exam is way too comprehensive of an exam to try to memorize your way through it. You truly have to understand the concepts to pass. 

The CPA Exam is far too detailed and extensive to rely solely on memorization for success. A deep understanding of the concepts is essential for passing.

Universal CPA is also the only CPA review course to offer video explanations for every multiple-choice practice question! 

Video Explanations for Every Practice Question

Now, the CPA exam includes three distinct CPA discipline sections, and as a CPA candidate, you are required to successfully pass one of these three discipline sections to earn your CPA license:


We've Recently Been There

Unlike other CPA review courses, with Universal CPA Review, your student members won’t hear from sales representatives, or business development managers. 

All members of our team have taken and passed the CPA Exams within the last decade. We’ve been there and we know what it takes to pass!

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