About Universal CPA Review

We are a New York City based company that is passionate and dedicated to providing quality Uniform CPA exam study resources at a more affordable price. Universal CPA Review adaptive learning technology is designed to offer you a more effective way of preparing you for test day.

Your Plan Of Attack

Starting April 1, 2017 the Uniform CPA Exam dramatically changed its test format adopting a larger emphasis on critical thinking and advanced order skills. Universal CPA Review offers supplemental support by testing your knowledge and preparing you for test day.

Universal CPA & Me

Our Story

We are CPAs that wanted to make an accessible, cost-effective and efficient CPA studying platform. University CPA Review is a New York City based company that is built on an old school study foundation: we believe that there is no secret formula to passing these exams and that the only way to truly understand the material is through repetition, and to put in the time. Universal CPA Review is passionate about delivering a low cost yet highly effective approach to passing these exams. We are committed to offering you with the highest quality study materials and support.

Beyond The Exam

The Uniform CPA exam is an extremely comprehensive, and detail oriented exam. If you are currently, or are planning on working in the industry of accounting, obtaining your CPA license is paramount to your career success. With Universal CPA Review, we are dedicated to offering you sufficient practice material, and testing you on aspects of the exam that you are guaranteed to see on test day. With Universal CPA Review not only are you able study smarter, but you do so without spending thousands of dollars on over-priced review courses.

Seeking a tutor? Universal CPA Review has a partnership relationship with MyGuru CPA Tutoring: https://www.myguruedge.com/cpa-tutor to offer our students not only the best supplemental resources, but also one-on-one attention that they might desire.


Universal CPA Review brought my exam scores up 6-8 percent in each section.

- Patrick, Masters in Accounting student, Completed exam in 2018
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