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Let’s Build a Mental Map

Yeah, sure, we are CPA’s… but beyond that we are storytellers, we are innovators, we are problem solvers, we are visionaries and we are appreciators of a damn good joke.

Did you know: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual?

Did you know: The retina processes visuals 60,000x faster than text?

Did you know: Universal CPA Review is changing the entire landscape of CPA test prep as you know it?

Our Story

Universal CPA Review was founded in 2018 by CPA review instructor Joey Reeve, with a vision to revolutionize how CPA candidates prepare for the CPA exam. Joey identified a significant gap in traditional review courses—they were very text-heavy and light on visual content. His aim was to establish a platform that fused expert guidance with visual learning tools, enhancing comprehension and retention for CPA candidates.

Our Approach

At Universal CPA Review, we firmly believe in “seeing to understand.” Our approach is built around visual learning, using vibrant color-coded diagrams, interactive charts, engaging animations, and clear explanations to bring complex accounting principles to life. Our adaptive learning technology tailors your study plan to your unique learning needs, while our visually-rich content caters to all learning styles, especially benefiting those who find visual aids helpful in understanding and retaining information.

Our Track Record

The proof of our successful approach is in our students’ performance. Candidates who have trusted Universal CPA Review consistently outperform national averages. Our alumni, many of whom are now respected accounting professionals, credit their success to our unique visual approach that made learning more engaging and information retention more effective.

Our Committment

Universal CPA Review is committed to your success and the continual refinement of our visual learning tools. We constantly update our content based on the latest AICPA blueprint, ensuring that you’re studying the most current and relevant material. We extend our support throughout your entire CPA journey, from initial study planning to the triumphant moment you pass your exam.

Choose Universal CPA Review for a distinctive, visually-engaging approach to mastering the CPA Exam. We are more than a review course – we are your partners in illuminating the path to your successful accounting career.


Founder & CEO

A Message From Joey

“I realized that fewer people of the younger generation have an interest in becoming an accountant. The pipeline starts with accounting education, and that system is broken. I wanted to create a program with one mission only. To solve that problem.”

- Joey Reeve, CPA

Founder & CEO of Universal CPA Review


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