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Harness the Power of Visual Learning

  • Process visual content 60,000X faster than text

    Visual content stimulates your imagination and allows you to absorb and comprehend content faster than text content used by other providers.

  • Retention of visual content is 42% higher

    Visual learning stimulates your emotions and helps create lasting memories that can be linked back to the content you learned.

  • Visual content increases motivation

    Most students struggle with the content delivery model of our competitors. Our visual content drives engagement and motivation through engaging videos and captivating images.

SOURCE: Visual Teaching Alliance

“We want you to leave thinking “Oh, now I see it!”

  • Video Lectures

    Begin your learning journey with 100+ hours of bite-sized lectures that utilize visual learning and retention methods.

  • Study Guide

    Revisit the visual learning journey through review of the study guide to reinforce the topics learned in the video lectures.

  • Practice Questions

    Master your understanding with AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and task-based simulations. Our platform includes text and video explanations that use the same learning methods and visuals as the lecture for each question.

Flexible packages and pricing

  • Individual Test Bank
    $ 150

    MSRP: $398

    • Multiple choice questions
    • Detailed explanation videos
    • Task-based simulations w/ explanation videos
    • Unlimited practice tests
  • Individual Exam
    $ 499

    MSRP: $825

    • Video lectures
    • Visual study guide
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Detailed explanation videos for MCQs
  • Complete Package
    $ 1749

    MSRP: $2500

    • Video lectures
    • Visual study guide
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Access to all exams