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Harness the Power of Visual Learning

  • Process visual content 60,000X faster than text

    Visual content is an industry game changer. It stimulates your imagination and allows you to absorb and comprehend information faster than text alone can do, which makes it one of the most powerful tools for anyone in a creative or educational field where time is precious but quality must be maintained.

  • Retention of visual content is 42% higher

    Visual learning is the best way to stimulate your emotions and make lasting memories that will help you remember what you learn.

  • Visual content increases motivation

    Most students struggle with the content delivery model of our competitors. Our visual content drives engagement and motivation through compelling videos, captivating images, data-driven infographics that will keep you on your toes!

SOURCE: Visual Teaching Alliance

“We want you to leave thinking “Oh, now I see it!”

  • Video Lectures

    Begin your CPA learning journey with 80+ hours of bite-sized lectures that utilize visual learning and retention methods.

  • Study Guide

    Revisit the visual learning journey through review of the study guide to reinforce the topics learned in the video lectures.

  • Practice Questions

    Master your understanding with AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and task-based simulations. Our platform includes text and video explanations that use the same learning methods and visuals as the lecture for each question.

Flexible packages and pricing

  • Individual Test Bank
    $ 150

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    • Multiple choice questions
    • Detailed explanation videos
    • Task-based simulations w/ explanation videos
    • Unlimited practice tests
  • Individual Exam
    $ 500

    MSRP: $650

    • Video lectures
    • Visual study guide
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Detailed explanation videos for MCQs
  • Complete Package
    $ 1850

    MSRP: $2199

    • Video lectures
    • Visual study guide
    • CPA Exam Strategy Session
    • Detailed explanation videos for MCQs