Our Reviews

Jack P.

Student in 2021
Universal CPA helped me visualize and break down tough topics step by step.

After failing FAR with a 74 I knew that I needed a better understanding of some of the harder topics. Universal CPA uses visuals to systematically break down each topic step by step. Visual learning is a powerful tool and Universal CPA has efficiently implemented that into their CPA review course. Without them I would not have passed with a 78 on my second try.

Nick K.

Student in 2020
I went from a 70 to a 77 on REG from using the Universal materials!

Universal was an absolute lifesaver. The way you guys explained basis and other REG topics was sooo simple. I am so glad to be done, you were a godsend.


Student in 2020
Their use of visual learning is powerful. I could visualize the images while I was taking my exam!

Universal CPA Review was exactly what I needed to get me over the hump! Using several other platforms, I found that Universal’s lectures were easier to follow and by the end of the lecture I was able to retain the information. The graphics that are included with the lecture videos and constantly reiterated during multiple choice questions, stuck in my mind and I was able to remember them during the exam. Universal CPA Review is well thought out and structured – Joey and Matt are there with you every step of the way and are rooting for you to succeed!


Student in 2020
I am certain that I would not have passed without Universal CPA.

I was using two prominent CPA prep platforms before sitting for REG. Five days before my exam, I was struggling with key concepts and failing mock exams. Universal CPA helped me nail down those concepts in just five days with their incredible video explanations! The videos contained in the MCQs were also crucial to enforcing my understanding.


Student in 2019
Universal CPA Review is a great resource for those who may struggle with retaining information from other platforms due to their images and visual learning approach.

The lectures are condensed, to the point and paint an overall picture to help you understand the topic. They use a systematic approach that is easy to understand which has helped improve my overall performance on practice questions.  Overall, the information provided by Universal CPA Review is easily digestible and has helped me immensely over areas I was struggling with before while using other test prep providers.


Student in 2019
After studying for 10 years with other providers, it took me only one year to pass all four parts of the exam using Universal CPA Review. 

Passing the exam has put my career on significant upward trajectory. Prior to passing the exam, I was a Senior Associate at a Top 50 accounting firm. Once I passed the exam, I was able to land a role as the Financial Controller with one of the larger real estate companies in the NYC area.


Student in 2020
Universal CPA Review pinpoints crucial areas of the CPA exam with great visuals and examples. The visuals were so impactful that I was able to clearly recall them while I was taking the exam!

I found the review program to help me in two major ways: (1) significantly reduce my study time and (2) successfully help me lock in must know areas of the exam.


Student in 2019
Universal CPA has been exponentially helpful with explaining and break down all of the difficult topics for FAR.

Universal CPA applies a systematic approach through the creation of the mental map and the use of visuals to effectively solving FAR multiple choice questions.