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How do actuarial gains and losses impact the pension benefit obligation?

As you can see in the visual below, actuarial gains decrease the PBO while losses increase the PBO. Actuarial gains and losses typically arise when the actuary changes the estimates used to calculate the PBO.

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  • How to calculate the project benefit obligation?

    Basically, you need to roll forward the obligation balance from the beginning of the year (i.e. which equals end of prior year), and then factor in the items listed in the rollforward below. That will get you to your ending PBO, and that is what is recorded on the balance sheet as the ending liability […]

  • How to calculate whether or not the plan asset is overfunded or underfunded?

    A company’s funding status will relate to the required disclosure that companies must make regarding the status of its existing pension funds. The funded status of a pension plan will be computed as follows: Overfunded status: If the fair value of the plan’s assets are greater than the projected benefit obligation, the funded status will […]

  • What items increase the pension benefit obligation and what items decrease the pension benefit obligation?

    There are five main items that either increase the PBO (increase the liability) or decrease the PBO (decrease the liability. The items that will increase the PBO include interest cost, service cost, and actuarial losses. The items that decrease the PBO (reduce the liability) include actuarial gains and benefits paid to retirees.