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How can visual learning help me prepare for the CPA exam?

Recent studies have estimated that over 65% of students prefer visual learning. So if that is the case, why hasn’t visual learning been used for CPA exam prep before Universal CPA Review came along? That is the question we asked, and that is why Universal CPA Review was created.

Traditional Method vs Visual Learning Method

I’ll start by giving you an example. Let’s say that you are trying to understand the key factors that drive globalization. I’ll show you how this information could be relayed through traditional methods versus how it is relayed in visual learning.

Traditional Method

Visual Learning Method

In my opinion, it is pretty easy for me to decide which method I would rather use to learn material.

What are the benefits of visual learning?

1) Improved comprehension: Every student comprehends information differently, but visual learning has been proven to stimulate student’s imagination and stretch their cognitive capabilities. In the example above, not only are basic examples for each factor included, but there is also a picture of the entire world. This visual above illustrates how we all have different skillsets, and globalization allows us to share those skill sets.

2) Improved retention of information: Visuals make it much easier for our brains to store the information in our long-term memory. When our brain processes words, it is much harder to retain 100% information and we typically only retain bits and pieces. That is exactly why students who used traditional methods use flash cards to memorize information.

3) Stimulates our emotions: The same part of the human brain is used to process visuals and emotions. Why do you think humans started hanging up family photos in their homes and offices? Visuals can stimulate our emotions and help us retain information longer.

4) Drives motivation: Lack of motivation is one of the primary reasons students fail to pass each of the CPA exams. With each exam requiring 100+ hours of studying, how can we be surprised that students burn out with materials that use traditional methods. Visuals and engaging videos are the best way to keep a student engaged and motivated!

Now you can see why visual learning is so powerful? Give Universal CPA Review a chance and sign-up for a free trial!

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